Masters thesis guidelines

A master's thesis is an academic research paper required for the successful completion of a master's degree program. It is an independent piece of work that demonstrates student's ability to conduct in-depth research, analyze information, and contribute to the academic and professional community in their chosen field. 

We strongly urge you to commence your work promptly and adhere to the stipulated deadlines. Both the master's thesis and the accompanying internship courses collectively account for 22 ECTS credits, forming an indispensable component of all SPbPU MSc programs.


Submitting proposal and task - February 2024
Final thesis submission - 2 weeks prior to the defence date
Feedback and third party review - 10 days prior to master thesis defence date
Originality check - 10 days prior to master thesis defence date
Uploading master thesis defense documents to Final State Assesment portal - 10 days prior to master thesis defence date
Public master thesis defense - June 2024

State Examination Boards 2023


Power Plant Engineering

  • A comparative study of different working fluids used in the Organic Rankine Cycle for combined cycle power generation
  • Application of a gas turbine for water desalination
  • Application of Savonius Wind Turbines for electricity generation to power highway lamps
  • Comparison of the supercritical Brighton cycle and other energy cycles, in terms of thermal efficiency and expediency of use for various heat sources
  • Ensuring reliability and safety of nuclear power plant equipment via probabilistic safety analysis
  • Feasibility study of implementing and integrating gas turbines in a commercial nuclear power plant
  • Feasibility study of the use of the Brighton supercritical cycle on carbon dioxide in power plants
  • Hydrogen generation at TPP by recycling municipal solid waste
  • Integration between a CHP and clean hydrogen production unit
  • Joule and Rankine cycle fundamental parameters' impact on the effectiveness of a combined cycle
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Green hydrogen: Wind-based hydrogen vs Solar-based hydrogen
  • Numerical Simulation, Technical and Economic evaluation of Multi-Effect Desalination Systems using MEDMPS
  • Numerical study of flow and heat transfer features of different nanofluids in compact pipes
  • Operating modes optimization of block combined CHP
  • Optimization of night modes operation of CHP
  • Thermodynamic and Economic Modeling and Optimization of The Steam Extraction from The Secondary Loop of A Light Water Nuclear Reactor For Cogeneration Applications
  • Thermohydraulic calculation of the primary circuit heat exchanger for a MSR (
  • Тема ВКР: Research of Biomass potential in Mersin, Turkey, and Evaluation of its impact on the Regional Economy

Nuclear Power Engineering

  • Analysis of reactivity change due to burn up in VVER1000 reactor using program WIMS
  • Analysis of the steady-state thermal-mechanical behavior of oxide fuel rods for high burnup in VVER 1000 reactor using FRAPCON
  • Analysis of using thermal non-destructive evaluation method for diagnosing Nuclear Power Plant pipeline wall thinning
  • Application of gene expression programming and single-heated channel approach in developing a correlation for coolant temperature of VVER 1000 reactor in steady-state
  • Comprehensive analysis of VVER 1000 spray system performance for postulated severe accidents using CONTAIN code
  • Developing a multiphysics solver of LOFA accident for VVER1000 reactor using numerical methods
  • Developing a set of steady-state correlations for maximum fuel temperature in VVER 1000 reactor using gene expression programming and COBRA
  • Сomparative analysis of regulation documents in the field of arrangement and operation of localizing safety systems for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Сomparative analysis of regulation documents in the field of Nuclear Power Plant safety assurance

Electrical Power Engineering

  • Analysis of features of superconductive inductive energy storage with quasi force free winding
  • Analysis of industrial communication protocols for power grid automation
  • Arresters for protection of electric generating plants
  • Development and optimization of high voltage test transformer
  • Development and research of medium frequency flash butt welding transformer
  • Development of software for design of film capacitors electrodes
  • Influence of skin-effect on thermal distribution in overhead line conductors
  • Insulation in High Voltage Power Transformers
  • Modeling of the electrolytic grounding electrode under lightning impact
  • Modeling of the parallel grounding electrodes under lightning impact
  • Modelling of the connection between grounding conductor and electrode under lightning i
  • Optimization of Solar Panels Performance
  • The analysis of 110 kV transmission line modernization and protective relaying choice
  • The analysis of substation modernization by integrating the new technologies in power
  • Use of Milliken conductor insulated wires to reduce skin effect In large cross-section of power transmission lines

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Yaroslav Vladimirov
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