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For each time you enter the Russian Federation, and receive a new migration card, it is necessary to apply for initial migration registration in 3 days’ time upon arrival.
Registration is a document confirming the legality of your stay in Russia.
If you live in a dormitory, the University's Passport and Visa Department handles registration.
If you live in a rented apartment, registration is completed by the owner of the apartment (landlord) at the MFC in your district.
To apply for registration you need to visit visa office with:

  • Passport
  • Migration card
  • A copy of all pages of the passport
  • A copy of migration card
  • Form-1 from the dormitory


Visa extension allows you to extend the legality of your stay in Russia for up to 1 year. By order of the University Administration, the period of your visa may be less than 1 year.
You can extend both single-entry and multiple-entry visas.

How to submit documents for visa extension

Prepare a set of documents and submit them in person to the Passport and Visa Department no earlier than 90 days and no later than 45 days before your visa expires.
Documents for visa extension:

  • 2 copies of passport (all pages) (for citizens living in rented apartments - 1 copy of passport)
  • Original and copy of registration (on both sides)
  • 2 copies of migration cards
  • a copy of passport pages with photos and personal data, valid visa, migration card with a border crossing mark (the copy should be made on a single sheet of A4 format)
  • 2 Photographs 3,5х4,5 cm
  • A receipt of payment of the state duty
  • Extract from the admission order (IMOP, office 206)
  • Copy of the contract, certified by the academic office if a student is enrolled on a contract basis (IMOP, office 202)
  • or Copy of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, certified by the academic office for state funded students (IMOP, office 206)
  • Completed visa application form.

A multiple entry visa will be ready within 45 calendar days after you apply to the Passport and Visa Department. Passport and Visa Department provides international students with a certificate explaining that passport is submitted for visa extension, a migration card and a copy of valid registration.

In case migration card, registration and/or passport o are lost urgently contact the Passport and Visa Department
Please take an electronic coupon relevant to the purpose of your visit at the terminal located in the lobby of the Passport and Visa Department (1st floor, offices 112-113)