Our history

The Institute of Energy (formerly Institute of Energy and Transport Systems - IETS) was established in 2012 on the basis of  the oldest scientific schools, Electromechanical and Power Engineering faculties. Scientists and graduates of these major faculties have made a great contribution to the development of thermal and nuclear power engineering, electrical engineering, power engineering and the defense industry of our country.

Scientific schools of Electromechanical faculty headed by academicians of  USSR Academy of Sciences Neiman L.R. , Demirchan K.S.,  Kostenko M.P., corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexandrov G.N.,  Shnerson G.A., honored scientists of RSFSR professors  Zalessky A.M., Vazhnov A.I., Donskoy A.V., Dresvin S.V., Kukukov G.A., Kuchinsky G.S., Pavlov G.M,  Usov E.V., Shcherbachev O.V. successfully worked on the creation of Unified Energy System scientific foundations, as well as transmission of electric energy of direct and alternating current over long distances of high and ultrahigh voltage, development of electric and hardware structures, creation of new insulating materials and insulating structures, electrophysical equipment and pulse technology.

 Power Engineering faculty scientific schools,  headed by academician of the Academy of Sciences of the SSR  Kirpichov M.V., corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Sciences Radzig A.A., Voznesenskiy I.N., honored scientists  of RSFSR, professors  Dyachenko N.Kh., Kirilov I.I,  Strakhovich K.I.,  Pomerantsev V.V.,  Seleznev K.P., professors Vaisman M.D., Zysin V.A., Ivanov V.A. have had great accomplishments in creation of power machines and installations; development of new designs of power machines and apparatus for Russian nuclear industry; calculations of strength, durability and reliability of turbomachines, steam boilers, hydraulic machines; research of thermophysical properties of liquids and gases; development of scientific bases of rational fuel use; increase of operational and technical parameters of transport vehicles and their elements and etc.