Higher school of Electric Power Systems

Higher School of Electrical Power Systems (HSEPS) was founded in 2019 on the basis of the departments "Electrical Systems and Networks", "Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering" and "Electrical Machines".

HSEPS trains specialists in the field of design and operation of electric power systems, electrical and electronic devices, electrical equipment of industrial and civil facilities.
HSEPS has an international master's program "Electrical Power Engineering ". In cooperation with Brandenburg University of Technology and Leibniz University Hannover, Germany runs a double-degree program.

General orientation of the courses: mathematical modeling and computerization of electric power systems research, automation of their control and regulation.

Graduates of the Higher School work in PJSC "Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System", JSC "System Operator of Unified Energy System", interregional distribution grid companies, territorial generating companies, research, design, installation and maintenance organizations of electric power profile, energy departments of industrial enterprises in managerial and administrative level positions.

Scientific areas:

  • Analysis of modes and stability of electric power systems, automatic regulation and control of their work;
  • Development of methods of analysis and research of dynamic properties of electric power systems;
  • Research of the electromagnetic transients and overvoltages in the electrical power systems;
  • Modeling and investigation of the machine-valve systems;
  • Optimization of the electric power supply systems functioning modes and an electric power quality assurance;
  • Designing of electric apparatuses for control and distribution of energy;
  • Design of electrical equipment systems of enterprises, organizations and institutions.


Natalia Kurakina