Youth Forum "Russia-Africa: Nuclear Education for Sustainable Development"

29 Ноября 2022
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Ekaterina Sokolova, head of the CNAT-SDED research group, attended the Youth Forum "Russia-Africa: Nuclear Education for Sustainable Development" and presented a report "Case-study of techno-economic evaluation of nuclear desalination for Southwest Asia and North Africa countries", highlighting the high export potential of Russia on the way to the world markets of nuclear desalination.

With the aid of a computer program developed by the HSNHPE scientific group ( supported by the Priority 2030 program), the most optimal schemes of multipurpose nuclear complexes (MAC), type and composition of its equipment were selected on the basis of technical-economic and thermodynamic analysis.

Two African countries (Morocco and Egypt) were recommended to build such complexes operating from a nuclear power source at different desalination plant capacities.

The Conference had a friendly atmosphere, a large number of participants and speakers, was held in a mixed format and will hopefully lead to cooperation in applying atomic energy for sustainable development, in science and education sectors alike.