The most relevant issues for Russia and its regions are the reliability of energy supply and development of all areas of energy, including fuel component, thermal, hydro and nuclear energy, energy complexes for aviation and transport, energy transport complexes for gas and oil industry, hydrogen energy, bioenergy, renewable energy sources, electric networks of different voltage classes, distributed generation, intelligent electric power systems and complexes, etc. 

The Institute of Energy, formed on the basis of electromechanical and power engineering faculties, trains highly qualified specialists in these fields. The educational process at the institute is based on the most modern digital, virtual and energy technologies, which allows the training of highly sophisticated specialists who are able to evaluate various perspectives on the decisions they make and can be visionaries. Good professional training is ensured by student design office work and internships in organizations and enterprises of industrial partners. 

Institute of Energy develops students' scientific potential by giving them an opportunity to participate in scientific contests, research, present their ideas at Russian and international conferences and publish the results of their work in the world's leading journals. Our students are winners and prize-winners of all-Russian and international competitions and Olympiads. A number of graduates of the Institute have the opportunity to improve their scientific qualification in postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Along with their studies, students of the Institute have the opportunity to participate in the social life of SPbPU (Energy Club, various cultural and creative events, sports competitions). First-year students with high scores are awarded additional scholarships and grants.

Graduates of our Institute are highly qualified and in-demand specialists and managers of industrial and energy companies and enterprises.

Petrenya Yuri Kirillovich

Director of the Institute of Energy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the International Committee of the Global Energy Prize