"You are the energy of Polytech": students trained to work at Akkuyu NPP received their diplomas

21 Февраля 2022
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Last Friday, on the eve of the 123rd anniversary of Polytechnic University, 24 students from Turkey, who studied nuclear power plants: design, operation, and engineering, and 11 Russian students, who studied nuclear reactors and materials, received diplomas. Alexander KALYUTIK, Director of the Graduate School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering of the Institute of Energy (IE), SPbPU, presented diplomas to the graduates in a ceremony held in the Academic Council Hall of SPbPU.

All 24 participants in the second intake of students from the Republic of Turkey successfully completed the program, and three received diplomas with honors. They were accepted into the Akkuyu NPP training program in 2015, for which they had undergone a multilevel selection with tests and interviews, as well as studied Russian for a year in the preparatory program . The graduates defended their thesis in January and will start working at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Mersin, Turkey, in June.

Все 24 участника второго набора студентов из Турецкой Республики успешно освоили программу

During their years at Polytech Turkish students not only studied, but also participated in the cultural and social life of the university. For example, Ege MERT, Şahin Can TIPI and Furkan ARSLAN organized a rock band and last year became finalists in the Polyrock contest. Nurberk SUNGUR became a Maria Sklodowska-Curie IAEA Fellow and will go to Vienna for a year-long internship. In 2019, students organized a festival of Turkish culture at SPbPU. They also did internships at LNPP, went on excursions to the Izhora Plant and Atommash in Petrozavodsk to see how equipment for Akkuyu NPP is made; they also visited Volkhovskaya HPP and the Southwestern CHPP.

Ведущий специалист по работе с иностранными студентами Института энергетики Наталья Донмез поздравила турецких выпускников с окончанием вуза

"You are the energy of Polytech, and your student life was very bright and active," said Natalia DONMEZ,  International Students coordinator at the Institute of Energy. - I remember well our meeting at IMOP, when I first saw you and you started applauding me, and I thought that I would do everything in my power to make you here welcome, and your student life joyful and comfortable, so that you could understand that Polytech - is you. And when at times in physics labs you thought that diploma was impossible, when Russian seemed abracadabra, when there was non-stop snow and darkness, you held on and were sure that today would come. And it did come. The diploma is very important. But most importantly, you have friends, the people you have become a big family with here, and they are the greatest treasure you will bring from Politech. I am happy for you!"

Директор Высшей школы атомной и тепловой энергетики ИЭ СПбПУ Александр Калютик, Нурберк Сунгур, которая стала стипендиатом МАГАТЭ, и старший преподаватель Высшей школы атомной и тепловой энергетики Максим Конюшин

Maksim KONYUSHIN, Senior Lecturer of the Higher School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering, also congratulated the students on their successful graduation: "It has been a pleasure working with you for five and a half years. I am glad that I got to know such wonderful people like you, and I am sure that you will become excellent specialists and proudly call yourself nuclear physicist engineers at Polytechnic University. Thank you for studying with us and giving us many joyful moments."

Дипломы выпускникам-энергетикам вручили в торжественной обстановке в зале заседаний Ученого совета СПбПУ

Handing diplomas to the graduates, Alexander KALYUTIK, director of the Graduate School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering, noted that today was a truly significant day for them. "You have received diplomas of engineers and a new stage of your life begins. I hope the knowledge and experience we gave you will serve you well in your work for the benefit of both Russian and Turkish power industry. And no matter what professional path you choose - some will go in for science, and some will work directly at the nuclear power plant, we hope that you will never forget Politech, your Alma Mater, and the Higher School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering. And we will always be glad to see you again.

The material was prepared by the SPbPU PR department.

Text: Inna PLATOVA