List of advisors

List of scientific advisors for 2022-2023



Scientific area

Power Plant Engineering


Associate Professor

 Irina Anikina

Thermal power plants

Associate Professor

Candido Ankomah

Energy Economics

Associate Professor

Ekaterina Kitanina

Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer

Associate Professor

Victor Barskov

gas turbines, micro turbines, wind turbines, ORC, supercritical CO2

Associate Professor

Alexander Drozdov


Nuclear Power Engineering


Associate Professor

Irina Paramonova

Heat transfer equipment of NPP, Thermohydraulics of nuclear reactor

Associate Professor

Alexei Schuklinov

Thermal scheme of secondary circuit, Instrumentation and control of NPPs

Senior lecturer

Maksim Konyushin

Nuclear power plants

Senior Lecturer

Sadegi Hashayar

Nuclear co-generation (for desalination or hydrogen production), Application of artificial intelligence in NPP

Senior Lecturer

Ghazai Sayed Hadie

Nuclear fuel management, Combination of NPP with renewable sources

Electrical Power Engineering



Nikolay Korovkin

Optimization in electrical systems and networks. Renewable energy sources


Alexander Kalimov

Superconductivity in electrical engineering and electric power industry. Electromagnetic fields


Lyudmila Sakhno 

Transformer equipment of technological processes

Associate Professor

Yuri Adamyan

Pulse electrophysical processes and their application. Power electronics and its application.


Vasily Titkov

Cable power lines. Strong magnetic fields and their application. Electrical discharge in condensed matter

Associate Professor

Yuri Murashev

Plasma technology in industry. Methods of technical physics in the development and research of electric power and electrical equipment. Multiphysical modeling of equipment and processes

Associate Professor

Sergey Dudkin 

High voltage insulation

Associate Professor 

Sergey Magazinov

Mathematical pulsed modeling of electromagnetic and electrophysical processes

Associate Professor

Ludmila Krivova

Power system protection, electrical substations